Hi there!

Yes, my company name needs a little explaining. I have been designing and making things for people for 30 years. I have, as one might imagine, made many different things. A creative person is always evolving. I chose this company name because it allowed me to vary the things I make, while speaking of my love of nature and metal, where the organic meets the inorganic and of the  feminine (that part being myself, you know, the ewe is a female sheep…).  I like copper best of all becausIMG_5645e it is a conductor of energy.  I have used it often in my work and never tire of working with it. In fact my latest product, the Bubble Wand, is a perfect example of this!! I also use it in my twig letters as it makes the “skeleton” of the more wiggly letters.I am a great lover of nature and a lover of poetry. It is resplendent in the simplest of things.   I am particularly fascinated with the language we use to decode our universe, the traditional crafts which weave our social fabric into a profound appreciation of human tradition, resourcefulness and patience.

I have designed and knit sweaters that depicted the laws of planetary motion as perceived by astronomers dating back to 800BC, created mobiles that echo not only astronomy but molecular magic,made nougat and caramels of every conceivable kind  and have been writing organic poetry out of twigs and wire, mostly one word at a time. The letters have found their way into many homes and many hearts, because they do speak a complex language that is equally simple and graceful.

I am great great lover of sculpture and enjoy making things in wax, wood, stone, steel, paper, wire and all the wondrous ways textiles can be explored.

I warmly thank all of you who have supported me over the years.  I have been encouraged by so many loving tales and have had the privilege to be part of them through our shared love of the power of words and nature.


The Toronto Star, April 8th 2004
Canadian House & Home, Summer 2001